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My name is Janice Quennelle and I am a certified aromatherapist with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.   I am dedicated to learning my craft of aromatherapy and continue to take courses and webinars to provide the best information and offer safe and ethical essential oils products to my customers.  I fell in love with aromatherapy a long time ago but never really thought about using it on a regular basis until about 3 years ago.  I went to a friend's place that was hosting a local lady's aromatherapy products and she inspired me to add it to my repertoire of healing modalities!  Since becoming a certified aromatherapist, I have seen how aromatherapy has helped me and my clients on more than just the physical level and I hope that my products will help you too.


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Quen T'essentielle Aromatherapy is a subsidiary of Janice's Feet First Reflexology.  Reflexology is an alternative healing modality based on ancient techniques that use reference points in the feet, hands and ears to help increase circulation, promote relaxation and help the body heal.  I am a certified reflexologist with the Reflexology Association of Canada.  Check out my Facebook or Instagram a nd in the Services section on this website for more info on my Reflexology services.

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On top of being a certified reflexologist and aromatherapist, I am also an Advanced Usui Reiki practitioner and I have taken workshops & courses such as Gua Sha (a traditional Chinese medicine technique) and hot stone therapy.  I am always looking at adding new services and enjoy creating new products.  With the help of some amazing friends and family, my products get "field-tested" to see whether they will end up on this site or not.  When I'm not spoiling my clients with reflexology and/or aromatherapy, I enjoy spending time with my family and my sewing machine. 

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